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Yesterday afternoon was spent at Bapu Market, a major bazar in Jaipur and Linda helped me sharpen my bargaining skills, I had tons of fun and bought a bunch of gifts for people at home, although I really should stop otherwise I won't have any roomin my suitcase. But it's only one week, and one of those days is going to be spent going to the village of Mewat, which had to be postponed because of the riots of the Gujjari people a couple of weeks back, and another day is supposed to be a planned trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal for several but not all of us. Swear on This Life. Diana used to go by Sue Diamond as well. If you are sorry, apologize. I'm scheduled to leave India early Saturday morning next week and it's bittersweet, I would like to have stayed a little longer albeit at better accommodations, preferrably without sharing a room with a lizzard, whose dropppings I have to pick up ew.

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